4 Tips on Buying Your First Table Saw

Deciding on your first table saw is an overwhelming process as a result of wide variety on the market. Table saws can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and applications they are often used by. While they process can be frustrating, here are a few tips that will help select a saw that can last for a long time.

Saw Blade

The most typical table saws feature 10-inch blades. However, several of the more costly cabinet saws feature a 12-inch saw blade. While size is definitely important, the blade type is in fact more vital.

Table saw blades can be purchased in several different types and shapes. Combination saw blades are most popular and what will you most likely use before you become more familiar with utilizing a table saw to perform a range of cuts on various types of wood.

Miter gauge

Table saws are equipped with a helpful tool termed as a miter gauge which will help you to definitely move the wood as you cut. The miter gauge is inserted into two slots which can be machined to the saw’s tabletop.

The standard miter gauge that comes with a saw is typically of average quality, however, you can buy higher quality gauges to enhance their functionality. A miter gauge should fit snugly in the tabletop slots and should stop loose or wiggle.


Most saws can tilt right ot left to allow for precise and accurate cutting. In the past, table saws were purely available which has a right tilt if you do not were prepared to pay a small fortune for the professional model.

Now, you can get either a left tilt or right tilt saw. Right tilt saws are desirable to most carpenters because they help it become slightly much easier to cut precise angles. Right tilt saws also have more accessories designed for them, as they are more common and popular.


A fence can be used once you feed a piece of wood onto the tabletop and to the saw blade to become cut. The fence quality may have an important role within the price of a table saw. A saw which has a high quality fence will probably be more than those without.

For most applications, a typical quality fence ought to be more than sufficient. Fences of average quality are fine for beginners or weekend warriors, but will likely don’t have the quality a serious woodworker or cabinet maker will require. Either way, you might have a good amount of options in replacement fences so it’s not really a huge deal if your saw only comes with a normal fence.

Using these tips, you should be able to select the perfect table saw to your particular needs.